Wallet assigned

How are wallets created?

Each profile has a set of wallets, each one for available currency (GBP and EUR at the moment). It’s important to understand that these wallets are provided to the profile by Customate platform after passing the profile verification process, not right away after profile creation.


Assign wallet


Endpoint to see wallet details

Related endpoints reference.

Customate Api doesn’t provide a way to create, update or delete existing wallets, only to receive wallet’s information: balance, bank and account details.

Endpoint - get wallet details

Funding a wallet

There are five ways to fund profile’s wallets:

  1. transfer money from Direct Debit to profile’s wallet (via Customate payment)
  2. transfer money from one Customate profile’s wallet to another profile (via Customate payment)
  3. From a bank transfer (outside Customate service) to fund the wallet, using appropriate IBAN or sort code & account number (which could be found in wallet details). This operation is initialized outside Customate service, but Customate will create appropriate incoming payment (including webhook event) in profile when money will arrive.
  4. From open banking bank transfer
  5. From a card. This feature is currently unavailable in the API
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