Verify a profile


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Why do we verify profiles?

According to the requirements of the regulator, Customate is obliged to verify profiles, who start making payments.

How does verification work?

Base information for profile verification is stored in the profile object itself (name, birthday, email etc.), but for some countries the verification process may require additional data, like birth country, passport details etc. Such secondary information is passed directly to the discussed Api endpoint, which works in synchronous mode, i.e. will check the profile and immediately return the result.

As soon as the verification process is finished successfully, Customate reserves wallets and creates funding sources and payees that link to those wallets.

For example, clients have two wallets (one for GBP currency and another for EUR), Customate will make sure that two funding sources (one points to GBP wallet and one – to EUR wallet) and two payees (the same logic applies here) are created, without any additional Api calls from clients.

Can we bypass verification?

Nevertheless, it’s possible that Api clients have already verified the profile on their part, in this case Customate verification may be skipped and all responsibility falls on the client.

force verify profile

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