Payments into a wallet – direct debit


Related endpoints reference. This set of endpoints provide a way to manage scheduled pull of funds into a wallet from a customers bank using direct debit.

process flow - direct debit

Customate takes care of payment creation (taking into account holidays, weekends and other non-processing dates in banks) and failed payments’ reprocessing with backup funding source, thereby increasing the chances of making payments according to deadlines.

Example of direct debit to wallet

A client wants to fund the profile’s wallet with Direct Debit that belongs to this profile. Profile is verified. As mentioned before, the client must use funding source and payee entities for payments, Customate Api doesn’t accept wallet id as payment’s destination.

Direct Debit funding source should be created with funding source creation endpoint, it will take several days before a bank confirms that Direct Debit connection is valid, after that the client can use this Direct Debit for payments creation (direct_debit_funding_source_id).

Each wallet has a related payee entity that was automatically created by Customate Api itself when the profile was verified. This payee id (wallet_related_payee_id) should be used in a payment creation request:

“amount”: 1200,
“currency”: “GBP”,
“funding_source_id”: <direct_debit_funding_source_id>,
“payee_id”: <wallet_related_payee_id>


Overdue payments

It’s possible that for some reasons (e.g. Direct Debit transfer was rejected by the bank) not all schedule’s payments will be executed successfully (even with attached backup funding source), schedule itself will be moved to “overdue” state in this case and will continue to try creating payments for next iterations. Failed payments will not be re-created automatically, since user participation may be required to fix the problem (e.g. contact the bank on his behalf). If a client believes that problem is gone and Customate can re-run overdue payments – it may call a special endpoint that will process all overdue payments (with current schedule’s funding source, and then, if needed, with backup funding source) right away, one by one.

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