Payments out of a wallet – external bank account

Wallet to bank account

Customate Api provides a convenient way to transfer money to external destinations, such as a bank accounts.

The Api also provides a way to cancel pending payment, which may be handy for certain complex scenarios.

process flow - wallet to bank

Non processing dates

There are certain dates (holidays, weekends etc.) when Customate cannot execute payments due to restrictions from the bank’s side. Public Api provides an endpoint that returns a list for such, not processable dates in the specified interval, such list can be used to filter dates in some calendar components on the client’s application side.

Execution date

Similarly to the schedules (that can start to execute payments from some specific date in the future), single payments can be created now, but be processed in the future. Api will make sure that the passed execution_date parameter doesn’t fall in non processable dates, lock the specified amount in the wallet (if it’s outgoing payment) right away and place incoming payment in the queue, where it will wait for the execution date.


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