Create a Payee

What is a Payee?

“Payee” is the money destination during transfer. It should be taken as a certain abstraction, which was created to have a consistent format for transferring money: it does not matter whether the destination is a wallet or bank account, clients always refer to some payee entity during the payment or schedule creation.

What type of payees can exist?

  1. Wallet – created by Customate system only
  2. bank_account – manually created

Customate will automatically create a set of initial, wallet-related payees for clients, after profile verification.

Any other payee types should be created manually (“wallet” type can not be created via Api call or in any other way except by the Customate itself).

Create Payee


Endpoint to create a payee

Related endpoints reference.

Bank_account payee is an external bank account that will be sent funds. Payee with type “bank_account” will be verified during creation Clients can (and most often will) specify payee that belongs to another profile during payment or schedule creation.

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