Funding source validation – direct debit

Validation errors – direct debit

Below is a table of test data and associated errors, that can be used to simulate various problems during Direct Debit funding source validation.

Sort code Account number Validation issue code Validation issue message
400002 31000001 dd_canceled_by_payer Instruction canceled by payer.
400002 31000002 dd_no_account No account.
400002 31000003 dd_invalid_account_type Invalid account type.

Any other provided values for sort code & account number will lead to successful Direct Debit funding source validation (taking into account test data from “Payment processing” table).

Note that it’s not all possible validation codes that could occur in Api’s live mode, check Direct Debit funding source validation codes for more details.

In the next example client creates a Direct Debit funding source with 400002 as the sort code and 31000001 as an account number. Customate Api creates an appropriate funding source record and begins the validation process that will take several seconds. After a while client will receive webhook event with validation details:

{ “id”: “d353ad23-79e9-487d-9ea6-9c31b239db91”, “type”: “funding_source.verified”, “creation_date”: 1555499662413, “data”: { “id”: “5e614f0b-f57c-4a42-a24d-8412c84e29ad”, “type”: “direct_debit”, “profile”: { “id”: “025e371d-c76d-4b97-be8a-743f343416da” }, “validation_status”: “invalid”, “validation_issue_code”: “dd_canceled_by_payer”, “validation_issue_message”: “Instruction canceled by payer” } }


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