Funding source and payee creation

Background to funding source and payees

An external funding source (e.g. direct debit to pull money) and payees (e.g. external bank account to pay money to) can be assigned to a wallet.

These first need to be created and the Customate platform validates these details to ensure funds can be pulled from the funding source and paid to a wallet or funds can be pushed from the wallet to a Payee. Therefore it is important that these details are correct and validated.

Below are tables of test data and associated errors, that can be used to simulate various problems during Direct Debit funding source or payees creation.

IBAN errors

IBANs Error code Error message
CTSBSAPY40000131000001 iban_incorrect_structure IBAN’s structure is not correct.
CTSBSAPY40000131000002 iban_incorrect_account_number_check_digit Account Number’s check digit is not correct.
CTSBSAPY40000131000003 iban_not_allowed Specified country does not support IBAN standard. Please, contact the support team.
CTSBSAPY40000131000004 iban_incorrect_check_digit IBAN’s check digit is not correct.
Value that contain less than 18 or more than 34 characters iban_incorrect_length IBAN’s length is not correct.
Value that contain not letters or numbers iban_illegal_characters IBAN contains illegal characters.


GBP bank account errors

Sort code Account number Error code Error message
400001 31001001 iban_incorrect_account_number_check_digit Account Number’s check digit is not correct.
400001 31001002 iban_invalid_account_number Account Number is invalid.
400001 31001003 iban_bank_not_found Bank not found.
400001 31001004 iban_invalid_sort_code Sort Code is invalid.
400001 31001005 iban_incorrect_account_number_length Account Number’s length is not correct.

Any other provided values for IBAN or sort code & account number will be treated as correct.

Other errors

Note that it’s not all possible errors that could occur in Api’s live mode, check the section in the knowledge base on error code groups for more details.

Suppose the client sends 400001 as the sort code and 31001001 as the account number, here is an example of response with error during Direct Debit funding source creation:

{ “errors”: [ { “message”: “Account number checksum is invalid.”, “code”: “invalid_account_checksum” } ] }


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