Bank transfer outward errors


Customate Api tries to validate all incoming request’s data before starting to process payment, and returns errors in response, (i.e. verify the bank details of the Payee and the Funding source) but some errors could occur during bank transfer processing, in this case appropriate error code will be set to the transaction record.


“name”: “External”,
“status”: “failed”,
“error_code”: “bt_not_allowed”,
“error_message”: “Transfer is not allowed. Please, contact the support team.”,
“funding_source”: {
“id”: “97edba74-6e2a-4e6c-9a6e-c641a03e70d8”
“payee”: {
“id”: “6018601b-6f6c-4795-aade-226b64d00c64”



Bank transfer outward error code responses

Error code Additional information
bt_invalid_amount Transfer amount is invalid.
bt_invalid_swift_code Transfer refers invalid Swift Code.
bt_invalid_description Transfer includes invalid description.
bt_invalid_address_line Transfer includes invalid address.
bt_invalid_address_city Transfer includes invalid address city.
bt_invalid_fields Transfer contains invalid data for some fields. Please, contact the support team.
bt_not_allowed Transfer is not allowed. Please, contact the support team.
bt_unknown_error Unknown error. Development team will be notified about it right away.
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