Bank account details errors


Before Direct Debit funding source and bank payee creation, Customate performs verification for bank account details (sort code & account number or IBAN). This ensures that the bank account details provided to Customate are checked for accuracy before they are used for payment processing. During this process the service can face next errors issues that will be returned right a way in response:

“errors”: [
“message”: “Account Number’s check digit is not correct.”,
“code”: “iban_incorrect_account_number_check_digit”


Bank account error code responses

Error code Additional information
iban_incorrect_account_number_check_digit Account Number’s check digit is not correct.
iban_incorrect_account_number_length Account Number’s length is not correct.
iban_invalid_account_number Account Number is invalid.
iban_incorrect_sort_code_check_digit Sort Code’s check digit is not correct.
iban_incorrect_sort_code_length Sort Code’s length is not correct.
iban_invalid_sort_code Sort Code is invalid.
iban_incorrect_check_digit IBAN’s check digit is not correct.
iban_incorrect_length IBAN’s length is not correct. Generally it’s from 18 to 34 characters.
iban_incorrect_structure IBAN’s structure is not correct.
iban_illegal_characters IBAN contains illegal characters. Regex for valid symbols: [A-Za-z0-9_-]
iban_invalid IBAN is invalid.
iban_bank_not_found Bank not found.
iban_not_allowed Specified country does not support IBAN standard. Please, contact the support team.
iban_unknown_error Unknown error. Development team will be notified about it right away.
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